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Campucity provides accommodation services to Bahçeşehir University BAU, Haliç University, Sisli MYO and Uskudar University as their stratejik partner.

Kadıköy Female Student Residence

Mecidiyeköy Female Residence

What You’re Wondering

What is included?

electricity, water, heating / cooling, high speed internet, twice a week room cleaning and 24 hour security is included.

How I can do payment?

If you make a reservation from the web site, you can pay by mail order with credit card or by bank account numbers given in details..You can call us for further payment plans and detailed information.

Before making reservation can we see the residences?


What is the cancellation procedure?

No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations until 20th August.In the case of cancellations made after 1 st September, or prior to the date of departure of the agreed academic year, the total amount of the remaining stay is charged as a cancellation fee.

What is the refund procedure for my reservation?

Any fee is determined by the above cancellation conditions. The payment method to be applied for as same as the method used for the payment. The payment date depends on the payment within 5 working days after the cancellation notice. If payments made by credit card, the amount to be refunded to the same credit card number, and the payments made by bank transfer are returned to the bank account.

How can I choose my room?

In order to be able to find the right room and roommate you want during the reservation, you should to fill in the “Preferences” section completely. We also have the initiative to make room and roommate changes in case of necessity at Campucity. We can not give any guarantees about meeting the personal preferences in this area other than the room type, but we are trying to find the best alternative according to their preferences.

May I change my room during the academic year?

You should submit your room change requests in writing to “CAMPUCITY MANAGEMENT”. Each room change is assessed on an individual basis and depending on the availability of the room. CAMPUCITY has the initiative to make the changing in according to availability. The price difference arising from the room change is calculated in proportion to the length of stay remained and is valid from the date of change. Additional payment for room change will be made before the change takes place.

Who is cleaning my room?

Your room is cleaned twice a week by our staff and toilet pappers renewed those days

If there is any problem or need in my room what should I do?

You can fill in a request form and hand out to reception.

How can I use laundty services?

There are automatic washing and drying machines work by token. Each month 4 tokens provided free of charge additional is extra charged.

Is there 7/24 security?

CAMPUCITY  residences are fully equipped with camera controlles system and in addition to that there are 24 hrs security and reception services.

May I bring my pets?

Unfortunately no.

Could my friends stay with me?

Between 08:00 – 24:00 your friends can visit and spend time with you.

They are not allowed stay overnight.

My parents could stay with me?

In female residences only your mum and sisters could stay inaccording to place availability. Room charge must be paid

Can we use self catering facilities?

Yes, you can use kitchen facilities. The kitchens are designed with a simple and practical cooking purpose. If you want to cook your own food, you should bring all the kitchen utensils like pans, cups, knives. You must use the kitchens in accordance with the rules of hygiene and use. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the benches and the equipment you use. Once the cooking process is complete, you should remove all food from the guest kitchen. Housekeeping is not responsible for cleaning kitchen utensils, dirty dishes and Containers left in the kitchen are dumped

Is the room fully equipped, do I need anything extra?

Your bedroom furnished with, bed, quilt, pillow, work desk, chair, wardrobe, fridge, satellite TV. If you are not staying in the room alone, you will need to share a mini fridge, living area and bathroom with your roommate. Personal bathroom and bedding materials such as towels, bathrobes, bed linen, as well as personal care and cleaning products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel, detergent and should broght by yourselves.

May I smoke in the residence?

The use of cigarettes and other tobacco products and alcohol in rooms and premises in CAMPUCITY buildings is prohibited by law no. 4207. Penalties are imposed on the violation of the law.

May I enter the building at any time during 24 hrs?

We expect our students to enter latest 24:00 at night. After this hour security will open the door and let you in but you should let us know your excuse being late. More frequent yo be late is condition to warning.

Are there any extra space to keep my unused belongings?

Yes there are enough space for your luggages and boxed staff. Also under your bed there is big storage place.

Is there a fitness room and any fee charged?

Our fitness rooms are in service for 24 hrs and no fee charged

Is there high speed WI-FI?


Could my friends visit the cafeteria?


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