Campucity | About us
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About us

Designed with 30 years of experience in the education sector, Campucity student dormitories are aiming for rapid growth with a chain branch structure and have set out with a pioneering vision in the leading world in the sector. Our dormitories, which are designed as 5-star hotel concept in order to serve our guests. The students are considered as the future of our country and all the details are taken into consideration on the behalf of our students. All details are taken into consideration to the finest detail. Taking into consideration the needs and expectations of our students, to realize and improve our service, to use contemporary information and technology in service delivery, to ensure the permanence and continuity of the standards created, and to achieve the continuity of service quality.

Taking into consideration the needs and expectations of our students, we realize and improve our service for quality and constantly adopting the principle of management, who empowers the right person for the right job, who is in open communication with his employees and who cares about education at all levels,
To carry out quality service within the framework of laws and regulations,
To use contemporary information and technologies in service delivery,
Optimal use of resources,
To ensure the permanence of the established standards,
To ensure the continuity and sustainability of service quality,
It is always our basic policy to recall that our present strategy, effort and enthusiasm is our constant improvement.

Our mission is to educate a moral and virtuous college student who aims for high standards in education and has adopted the institutional policy to provide the best service to you with our professional management and experienced staff. In addition to all these, it is at your service with very reasonable prices and payment terms. For these reasons we are assertive in the domestic sector.